Business Consulting

Business Consulting in Carinthia

fit for the future

These days especially, companies are subject to a great pressure, they want to position themselves on the market or simply "survive".

An effective business consulting creates earnings several times higher than your costs. It helps to avoid or correct wrong decisions and, beyond the daily business, also allows a glimpse into the future with the possibility of developing ideas. Business consulting is also a view of the company from the outside and, as you know, many things become clearer when seen from a different point of view.

We offer consulting in the key areas:

  • Cost accounting Who/What causes which costs?

  • Business and management consulting It is continuity and confidence that count in this field.

  • Cost accounting for planning and control, budgeting What helps me maintain an overview?

  • Business valuation Always necessary.

  • Optimization of the type of business PLC, limited-liability partnership or sole trader?

We support you in the following special fields:

  • Consultation for young entrepreneurs Help at the start of entrepreneurial activity.

  • Consultation for projects that cross the borders of the EU between Austria and Slovenia Collaboration on employee selection Human resources, the enterprise´ most important capital.

  • Consultation concerning transferral or termination of a business A difficult phase in the company´s development.

  • Consultation to farmers concerning tax affairs Direct sales/Sales of own produce on farmland

Beyond consultation in tax and business management matters, highly respected legal experts support you in every legal field.